A variety of thin-film cells
The cells can be customized on demand.
0.5W Micropower Discrete Photovoltaic Processing Unit
PV cell input voltage (PV IN): 2V~15V
Battery Type: 3.7V Li-polymer/Li-ion battery
Charging current: 100mA@USB IN; 70mA@PV IN
Charge cut-off/overshoot protection voltage: 4.2V
Over discharge protection voltage: 3.1V
Regulated output (OUT): 3.3V 90mA @ BAT IN 3.7V
Working current: < 3uA
PV input (PV IN): anti-backflow, reverse connection protection
Working temperature: -40℃~85℃
Size: 30.0mm*32.0mm

Protective function
Battery overshoot protection, over discharge protection, reverse polarity protection.
Regulated output overcurrent, short circuit protection.


1~5W photovoltaic energy supply module

1~5W micro-power photovoltaic energy supply module is a specially designed for 5V solar panel. For 3.7V single-cell Li-Polymer/Li-Ion batteries, with maximum power point tracking MPPT, Solar/USB two charging methods, on-off controllable 5V DC regulated output and Low-power and high-efficiency solar power management module with perfect protection function. Constant voltage maximum power point tracking MPPT algorithm to maximize solar energy conversion. Built for 5V solar panels
Solar/USB two charging methods (maximum 900mA charging), flexible charging. On-off controllable high-efficiency 5V regulated output, suitable for various low-power applications. A variety of protection functions to ensure the safety of the battery and power system in an all-round way. A variety of status indicators, the system status is clear at a glance USB anti-static case.